On Site and Studio Services

Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation

Whether in partnership with another consultant or facilitator, or working alone, the core of my practice is capturing in real time, using large paper, markers, and chalk, what people are saying. Imagery, visual metaphor and colorful text emerge on the wall, both simulating and documenting thinking.

I can also support your facilitation with the creation of custom visual templates, matched to your agenda, which enable you and your participants to self-record.

Training and Visual Coaching

Beyond Words is a workshop designed to expand confidence and skills to work visually. This workshop can be delivered as a 90 minute presentation or a 2 day in-depth session.

Visual Coaching is a companion service offered to individuals and workshop participants. Like other forms of professional coaching, Visual Coaching supports ongoing skill development and shadow consulting via telephone, email and fax.

Process Tool Design & Production

  • Illustrations for presentations and materials
  • Custom clip art
  • Recording templates

My studio services allow me to support you visually, even when not in the meeting room!